We believe that it is each family’s choice as to how long and how often their children attend Magnolia Tree Childcare, so we have no daily or weekly minimum enrolment times.

Our fees are charged by each hour of attendance, up to a maximum of $54 per day.

The WINZ subsidy is available for families which qualify and we offer two fee structures for children 3 years and over; 20 hours FREE ECE or with a $2.25 per hour charge to cover extras such as meals, e-portoflios etc.

Through research and our own experience, we know that children settle more easily when they are comfortable with their environment. We recommend that children attend at least twice a week. This will help them to develop a sense of belonging to the centre, to develop close relationships with teachers and close friendships with other children.

Hourly rate: $6.75 per hour.

All day (8 hours +): $54

Full week (40-50 hours): $230

3-5 Year olds

(for children age 3 years and over, and up to a maximum of 6 hours per day and 20 hours per week)
20 Hours FREE You will need to provide a lunchbox and your own sunscreen if you choose to use the free hours. ECE Optional Charge: $2.25 per hour
This covers the high quality service we provide, like having over 80% qualified teachers, low teacher:child ratios, plus all meals, sunscreen and e-portfolios which document your child’s learning journey.

Any enrolment’s over 6 hours per day and 20 hours per week will be charged at the usual rate of $6.50 per hour.

Included in our hourly rate are:


We provide all food (excluding formula) for the children; morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a late afternoon snack for those children who attend later in the day.

Fruit is provided with morning, lunch and afternoon tea and seasonal vegetables are included as a natural part of most lunchtime meals we provide.

Infant’s meals are also catered for at Magnolia Tree Childcare. Their meals will be dependent upon their stage of development and discussed regularly with parents. If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, please discuss this with the centre manager when you are enrolling, to see how we can best meet your needs.

We understand that some children who start early in the day may want to have breakfast at the centre. We do not provide breakfast, however if you wish to provide cereal or toast, we can provide the milk and butter, bowls and cutlery.

Our menus are developed on a monthly rotation, with the current menu being displayed in your child’s learning room.


We provide sunscreen for all the children during the months where there is the highest risk of sunburn.

We ask that parents apply it to their child as they enter the centre (it is placed next to the sign in sheets). We will apply it throughout the day to reduce the risk of sunburn. If you choose not to use our sunscreen, then we ask that you provide a named bottle of your own choosing for keeping at the centre.


Our hourly rate includes an e-portfolio for each child, where you can view the observations and documentation recorded by the teachers about your child’s learning and development.

Why are we using e-portfolios?

It allows us to provide a portfolio for EVERY child who attends, whether they come one day a week or five. It also provides us with more options of documenting learning than a standard paper portfolio. We can add videos, and use extensive amounts of photos, as we are not prohibited by colour printing costs. This allows us as teachers to share more of your child’s learning journey with you and to really capture some of the special moments which mere words cannot adequately describe.

Parental involvement

At Magnolia Tree Childcare we want parents and families to be a part of their child’s early childhood education and the programme we are providing.

With an e-portfolio, you can view your child’s portfolio wherever and whenever you like, at a time that suits you. You can provide instant feedback on a story or photo which we can incorporate into your child’s learning, as it is still happening. Your child can share their portfolio with you more frequently, as it is always available for you to view. You can add photos, stories and videos from home, which show your child’s current interests, developing skills or which tie in with the learning which is happening in centre. You can even involve the extended family, by inviting them to view and comment on your child’s portfolio.

Access to e-portfolios

All e-portfolios are stored on a secure monitored server which ensures that your child’s information is kept safely out of view of others. Only the teachers and the parents can view the portfolios and parents have the option of inviting family members to view them too.

What if I don’t have a computer?

You can access your child’s e-portfolio from any device which uses mobile apps, such as a tablet or smart phone. In centre, we have a computer which you can use to access your child’s e-portfolio if you wish. Children and teachers are able to access the e-portfolios throughout the day on either the centre laptop or tablet, to review their learning.